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At JTH Audio, we understand that most of what we do is behind the scenes.  For most of us, our concert-going experience begins when the doors of our favorite venue open and ends after the last set and encore.  The work we do begins hours before the audience or the artists performing ever show up.

This page is currently under construction, but eventually will house terminology and guidelines to help make your event run like a machine.  We do hundreds of events in a year, so many times we are the resident experts at planning your festival, concert or event.  While most of this page is vacant, we will continue to work to populate this page with information that you can use.


If you have any suggestions, please use our contact form!

Everything we do revolves around power.  When planning your event (indoors or outdoors) please remember that adequate power is a MUST.  Many indoor venues/facilities offer electric services for a fee.  Outdoor events often rely on service from an electric pole or a towable generator rented from an outside organization.


For larger events power usually needs to be rated at 400 Amp 3-phase service for lighting and 200 Amp 3-Phase service for sound.  If you have questions about exactly how much power will be needed for your event, please call our offices at 479-839-8584. 

Stage Hands

A stagehand is a person who works backstage or behind the scenes in theatres, film, television, or location performance. Their work include setting up the scenery, lights, sound, props, rigging, and special effects for a production.


Stagehands are vital to the success of each event.  Many times our staff travels from event to event with very little time off from load-out to the next load-in.  It is critical that production work maintain a high-rate of proficiency even when labor is pushed to the max.  Stagehands allow our staff to direct production setup and strike without pushing their bodies past the limits of exhaustion.


Stagehands provided locally by our clients allow us to travel longer distances without having to carry extra bodies to assist us in Load-In and Load-Out.  This allows our clients to save money in the long-term, by saving on our transportation costs for stagehands.


Stagehands are available through JTH Audio for a buy-out fee.


For more information on how we can assist you in your production contact


Another significant request from a production stand point is event hospitality (catering).  Many touring artists require hospitality at the time of hire (stipulated in contract between artist and promoter).  When producing an event it is always a necessity to remember the working environments of the crew and artists you have hired. 


Many times our staff is working at the event site in a foreign environment.  In order to save you on labor costs, we try and scale back the amount of time that it takes for a quality production to setup.  This means that our crews do not have hours available to locate and facilitate their own meals or beverages.  We ask that promoters remember our crews when arranging catering for their events.  JTH Audio does offer a meal and drink buyout for promoters that do not wish to provide catering for our staff.

This Week's Updated Inventory

- Matchless DC-30
- Eiki Pro L1505 12K Projector
- 9'x16' Projection Screen (Front/Rear)
- 6.75'x12' Projection Screen (Front/Rear)

- Dynacord Cobra4 Subs (Multiple)
- Mesa Boogie Lonestar
- Vizio 50" Monitor
- AppleTV (Multiple)
- Chauvet COLORado I Tour LED (Multiple)
- Yamaha XF8

- Nord Electro 5d Keyboard
- Chauvet Obey 70
- CM Lodestar L-Series 1-Ton Chain Motors
- 30" Tomcat Base Plate
- Hammond XK-3
- Martin Mac Viper Profiles
- QSC Touch Mix8
- Behringer x32 Rack
- Sabian HHX Cymbals (Multiple)
- Acoustic Guitar Stand
- Vertex Standard (2-Way Radio)
- Aguilar db 751 Bass Head
- Aguilar 410 Bass Cabinet
- Meinl Percussion Table
- Midas M32 Digital Console
- ClearCom Upgrade
- Shure Beta57 [Inventory Expanded]
- JBL Vertec 4888 [Inventory Expanded]
- Radial Passive DIs
- Hammond C3
- JBL VRX932 LAP [Inventory Expanded]
- Fender Jazz Bass [USA]
- Coffing Chain Motors
- Hyster R30ES


We are constantly updating audio, backline and lighting equipment.  Please check our equipment pages for more accurate gear listings.


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